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Portable Juice Blender


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Portable USB blender that can blend your smoothies on the go! Shake our Blender to better puree the juice! Here are some tips to assist with setting up your device. 1. When you receive the blender, charge it for 3-5 hours. The charger of the blender is a magnetic charger, please make sure that the magnetic suction points are completely matched, otherwise it will not be charged. It normally needs to be charged for 3-5 hours, if the charging time is too short, the usage time will be shortened.

2. For the best use please use the bottle after the blender is fully charged, put the chopped fruit into the bottle, add an appropriate amount of water or milk according to the amount of fruit, then tighten the bottle lid and base, double-click the button at the bottom to turn on the blender bottle. If you find that the machine cannot be turned on and the button flashes red, it means one of the following: - There are too many substances in the blender, please do not overfill!

3. Press the button once to stop the blender. Please apply force evenly when pressing the button, so as not to collapse the button. If the button collapses, try pressing it multiple times in different positions to restore it.

Power Supply: USB Rechargeable Battery Main material: Plastic - PCTG - Food Grade Blade material: Stainless Steel 4 Blade Design Volume Capacity: 12oz/350ml